Entel Network

When arriving in Chile, you can keep in contact with your friends, family or work, anywhere in the world.

By choosing Entel network, you will access GSM technology with a 1900 MHz frequency, different system from the one used in Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.

How to select Entel Network

  • It is necessary that your mobile company has a Roaming agreement with Entel.

  • Bear in mind that the agreements that our clients have abroad, are not the same for those who visit our country.

  • Besides, your mobile must be compatible with the GSM 1900 frequency. In case it is not, we will offer you one at your disposal in our office at the Airport..

  • The selection of Entel network can be automatic or manual. If your equipment does not get connected to Entel automatically, do it in a manual way, following these steps:

  1. Go to the main menu of your mobile and select “Phone Adjustments” or “Connection“.

  2. Then choose “System Selection/Network”.

  3. Finally, select one of the following options:


ENTEL PCS / CL ENTEL PCS / 73001 / 73010 / CL01 / CL10 / CHI01/ CHI10